Academic Advising @ University Park

Professional and Faculty Advisers

Academic advising is provided by the academic college in which you are enrolled. Your adviser may be a member of the faculty in your major or a professional adviser. He or she can help you to evaluate your educational plans, develop an academic program, and schedule each semester's courses.  You should expect to be a knowledgeable participant in this process!

You will be expected to be responsible for your academic program, to initiate appointments, understand your degree audit, and be prepared with questions. Be sure that you understand your role and the role of the adviser. To find out who your assigned academic adviser is, go to the "My Advisors" section under the "Academics" tab in LionPATH.

TIP: Don't rely on other students for official information or for course information. Student advice on rules, regulations, program requirements, and courses may be misleading, if not incorrect.

Academic Advising Tools

Last updated: January 17, 2019