The Change-of-Campus Process

This is the change-of-campus process followed by most students. Students should direct questions about their individual academic situations to their academic adviser and identify specific deadlines for a given year.

First Year:  Explore and Clarify Your Choice of Major

Identify and work with your assigned academic adviser to explore, clarify and/or change your choice of major. Majors should be chosen carefully, accurately reflecting your interests and abilities. 

Spring of Sophomore Year:  Confirm Your Choice of Major

Confirm your choice of major through the Entrance-to-Major process.  From January through mid-February you will have an opportunity to confirm your major choices on eLion.  In early March, you will receive an entrance to major decision via e-mail.
In most cases, entrance to major triggers the change of campus. This automatic change of campus is effective for the following fall semester.

Again, this is the typical path for most students who will change their campus to complete their degree. Check with your academic adviser to discuss your specific circumstances.