Housing @ University Park

Change-of-Campus students have their choice of whether to live on or off campus. You should explore both options before making a decision on what might be best for you. The process to obtain on-campus housing normally begins in late November or early December and is concluded by early February. Students are notified by email as to when the eLiving system is open and accepting requests for on-campus housing contracts.

Students can secure on-campus housing before knowing whether they have been approved for a change of campus. Students can request housing at both their home campus and University Park.  When the change of campus is approved the home campus contract will be cancelled.

Off-campus housing can be secured as early as the October prior to the campus change or as late as the same month that a person arrives in State College. Housing Fairs are held in both the fall and spring semesters.  Check the Office of Off-Campus Student Support website for specific dates and times.

Please make sure that you have been approved for a change of campus BEFORE signing a lease. You will be responsible for the terms of the lease whether you attend University Park or not.

Housing and Food Services Resources



Last updated: January 17, 2019