Welcome To Penn State!

To help you get started on a path to success at Penn State you will need to learn more about the Penn State community, academic and co-curricular expectations and opportunities, and ways to begin meeting your educational and career goals. All new first-year students to Penn State must participate in a New Student Orientation program. If you are transferring to Penn State University Park, or are changing to the University Park campus from one of our Commonwealth Campuses, please explore the University Park Campus links to the right.

New Student Orientation

At New Student Orientation (NSO), you will visit your campus to meet with campus personnel, develop educational goals, become familiar with campus resources, and schedule courses to put your academic plan into action. If you were admitted to Penn State for the Spring 2015 semester, you must complete the following steps:

If you have been admitted to Penn State for the Summer or Fall 2015 semesters, your New Student Orientation process will begin in early March.