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Parents and Families Orientation

We are glad that your student is joining us at Penn State. New Student Orientation (NSO) provides activities for both new students and their families. Family support is an important factor in student success. We’ve designed a companion orientation program for parents and family members of new Penn Staters.

Please be sure to review and complete the Parents and Families NSO Homework before attending NSO.

To help your student prepare for a successful transition to Penn State, we've developed an NSO Tasklist to help them navigate their next steps. On that list, there are things that they must complete before NSO, during NSO, and after NSO. Students are able to access the NSO Tasklist one day after accepting their offer of admission to Penn State. Your student will receive an email when the tasklist opens for them. Please encourage your student to complete their NSO Tasklist in a timely manner.

Your student will submit a reservation as part of their NSO Tasklist.

Most of our orientation programs allow students to bring a guest with them, but not all. If guests are permitted, your student can add you as a guest to their reservation at time of reservation and you will start to receive emails about orientation directly. 

Welcome to Penn State!