Parents and Families Orientation

We are glad that your student is joining us at Penn State. New Student Orientation (NSO) provides activities for both new students and their families. Family support is an important factor in student success. We’ve designed a companion orientation program for parents and family members of new Penn Staters.

To help your student prepare for a successful transition to Penn State, we've developed an NSO Tasklist to help them navigate their next steps. On that list, there are things that they must complete before NSO, during NSO, and after NSO. Your student will receive an email when the tasklist opens for them. Once that email is received, please encourage your student to complete their NSO Tasklist in a timely manner. Your student will submit an NSO reservation as part of their NSO Tasklist.

Depending on the Penn State campus your student has been admitted to for spring 2024, they will either participate in virtual or in-person NSO. You can learn more about what your student's campus is planning by visiting our Participate in Orientation webpage.

Welcome to Penn State!

Information about NSO and access to the NSO Tasklist for students admitted to:

  • Penn State for summer or fall 2024 will be available in early 2024.