Transferring Your Credit to Penn State

This information will help you prepare for your meeting with an academic adviser. This page will help you learn more about:

Sending updated and final transcripts to Penn State

Course work successfully completed (with a grade of “C” (2.0) or better) at a regionally accredited college or university will be considered for transfer credit.

Submit your final college transcript to Penn State. Any coursework that was not yet completed when you applied to Penn State must be submitted to the Undergraduate Admissions Office once the coursework is complete. Final college transcripts must be sent to the Undergraduate Admissions Office directly from the institution where you completed coursework to be considered official. Transcripts may be sent through mail, fax, Parchment, eScrip-Safe, or the National Student Clearinghouse.

If your school requires an email address to send the transcript electronically, please use Otherwise, please have the transcripts mailed to the Undergraduate Admissions Office, 201 Shields Building, University Park, PA 16802.

You must submit final transcripts. This means if you’ve applied to Penn State for a future semester and are currently enrolled at a different institution, you must sent a copy of final transcripts when your semester is finished and final grades have posted.

If you’ve attended multiple schools before Penn State, be sure to send final transcripts from each of those institutions.

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Submitting AP, A-Level, IB, CLEP exams and Military Credit

If you wish to have your Advanced Placement (AP) [Penn State code 2660], Advance Level (A-Level) International Baccalaureate (IB), or College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) considered for Penn State credit, you must have those scores sent directly to Penn State's Undergraduate Admissions Office (201 Shields Building, University Park, PA 16802).

If you have previous military course work or experience, you can send your Joint Services Transcript, Community College of the Air Force transcript, or ACE (American Council on Education) transcript to be considered for Penn State credit. Please send them directly to Penn State's Undergraduate Admissions Office (201 Shields Building, University Park, PA 16802). Penn State's Undergraduate Admissions website has more information.

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Understanding how your credits transfer

Before attending Transfer Student Orientation, please visit the Transferring Credits to Penn State webpage to evaluate how your courses may transfer to Penn State. Print the results of this web evaluation and bring it with you to orientation. The evaluation will list your courses as either a “Direct Equivalent,” “General,” or "Pending".

  • "Direct Equivalent" credits appear as the corresponding Penn State course on your degree audit. There is no further action required for these classes.
  • "General Credits" (GEN) do not directly correspond to a Penn State course (either due to differences in content or credits); therefore, they are listed as general credits. Please see this website for a complete listing of GEN definitions.
  • "Pending" (XFRPEN) credits require action on your part. If a course you completed at a previous institution is not found in the Transferring Credits to Penn State web tool, it will appear as pending on your credit evaluation in LionPATH. You must submit a syllabus for the course to for review. On average, the review process will take up to four (4) weeks.

For some majors, GEN credits need to be evaluated by the relevant department before they can fulfill your Penn State degree requirements. Meeting with your academic adviser while planning your first-semester schedule and throughout your Penn State career will help to ensure that you are on the most efficient path to degree completion.

If you have questions that aren’t answered here, please contact Student Orientation and Transition Programs (814-865-4178 or

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