Transfer Student Orientation

We are excited that you have chosen to continue your education at Penn State!

If you’re reading this web page, you’re most likely a newly admitted transfer student to Penn State – congratulations! At Penn State, we define a transfer student as someone who has attempted or completed 18 or more credits at another college or university after high school graduation. If you’re a first-year student, please read more about your orientation here. If you’re a current Penn State student changing your campus, please click here to learn more.

Your previous experience at another college or university will bring valuable insight and contributions to your classrooms, your student organizations, and your interactions with other Penn State students. We recognize that you have likely already participated in an orientation program(s) at your previous institution, which is why our transfer student orientation has been specifically designed with that in mind. 

To prepare for a successful transition to Penn State, we've developed an NSO Tasklist to help you navigate your next steps. There are some things that you must complete before your Transfer Student Orientation, others that you will complete during your Transfer Student Orientation, and even more that will be completed after your Transfer Student Orientation.

Click Here to Access Your NSO Tasklist

New Penn State students are able to access this NSO Tasklist one day after accepting their offer of admission. If you have not yet accepted your offer of admission, you may do so via MyPennState.

You will use this NSO Tasklist to make a reservation for your preferred Transfer Student Orientation Program.

Use the buttons below to learn more about transfer credits and what to expect at Transfer Student Orientation:

Transfer Credits             What to Expect at Transfer Student Orientation