New Student Orientation

All new first-year students to Penn State must participate in New Student Orientation (NSO). During NSO, you will meet with students, faculty, and staff; begin to develop academic and co-curricular goals; become familiar with campus resources; and schedule courses for your first semester to begin putting your academic plan into action.

To prepare for a successful transition to Penn State, we've developed an NSO Tasklist to help you navigate your next steps. There are some things that you must complete before your NSO, others that you will complete during your NSO, and even more that will be completed after your NSO.

You will use your Penn State Account User ID and password (e.g., abc5123) to access this tasklist. You will use your NSO Tasklist to make a reservation to participate in an NSO program.

Information about NSO and access to the NSO Tasklist for students admitted to:

  • Penn State World Campus for spring 2024: 
    Click Here to Access Your World Campus NSO Tasklist
    For more info on participating in World Campus NSO, click here.
  • All other Penn State campuses for spring 2024 will be available in November 2023.
  • Penn State for summer or fall 2024 will be available in early 2024.