Results Will Vary*

About Results Will Vary*

Results Will Vary* is an interactive musical experience delivered to all incoming first-year students at Penn State University Park. The show – written for students by students – shares experiences that will help new students:

  • understand transition to life as a college student;
  • discuss the use and abuse of alcohol and other drugs;
  • define sexual consent and talk about sexual assault prevention;
  • better understand the importance of diversity in the college experience;
  • act as a bystander when necessary.

How to discuss the show as a family

The show is designed to provide new students with important information they will need in the first few weeks of college – to help them make a smooth transition and make more informed decisions in their newfound freedom of the college experience. The show could necessitate some important conversations as a family before students return for their first semester at University Park. We've developed these discussion prompts for this family conversation:

  1. Talk about the transition to college and how you student can identify important resources,
  2. Encourage an open dialogue about your student’s reactions to the show.
  3. Have a discussion about your family values as it relates to the themes outlined above.
  4. Consider the complexity of challenging situations a student might encounter on a university campus.
  5. Ask your student what they would do in a challenging situation and encourage your student to consider various solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions from the show:

My student keeps mentioning FRIES. What are they talking about?

  • At NSO we introduced your student to the FRIES acronym for consenting to sexual activity with a partner. Consent should be: Freely given, Reversible, Informed, Enthusiastic, Specific

My student feels like this theatre show glorified the use of alcohol and drugs. Why was this behavior featured in the show?

  • The scenes in the show about alcohol and drugs are a reflection of situations that some students may encounter as part of their college experience. Each scene included information about negative consequences as a result of this behavior, the importance of making responsible decisions, and how to look out for a friend who may need help. If you haven't discussed expectations around alcohol and drug use as a family, please take advantage of this important opportunity. 

My student was offended by some of the language in the show. Why did you choose to use these words?

  • In writing the show, the students decided it was important for us to use language that is often heard on a college campus. We know that not all students will use this type of language, but we want to prepare students for things they could hear around campus.

The show highlights Penn State's commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • At Penn State, students will meet people different from themselves. Learning about the lived experiences of others is integral to Penn State's committment to developing globally minded leaders who understand the important role diversity plays where we live, work, and play. The show explores various aspects of personal identity -- some identities may apply to each student and other identities are those with which students may have had no previous exposure. Respecting those different from yourself is a cornerstone of what it means to be a member of the Penn State community. 

For a list of additional resources discussed throughout the show, please visit the Parents Program website or this website designed for parents and families. 

Meet the Results Will Vary* Cast and Creative Team

If you're a Penn State student who is interested in learning more about joining our company, please add your name to this list ( and we'll let you know when Season 5 auditions take place. 

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