Make Your Reservation to Attend

Our 24/7 online reservation system makes it easy for you to schedule your New Student Orientation program. NSO programs will be available to you based your Penn State campus, semester of entry, and college of admission.

When making your reservation:

  • Provide us with the names of any parents or family members ("Guests") who may be attending NSO with you
  • Include information about any type of accommodation you may need to fully participate in NSO
  • Be sure to click "Submit" after you have selected your preferred NSO program

Your reservation is not guaranteed until you click "Submit". You and your guests will receive a confirmation email to the email address(es) you entered with your reservation. You will be able to change or modify your reservation at any time.

You will use your NSO Tasklist to make a reservation to attend an NSO program.

Click here to make your NSO Reservation